Are you shipping internationally?

Yes, we do! We ship all around the globe, but we can’t guarantee fast delivery Worldwide. We hope you can respect this, and be patience in awaiting for your products to deliver.

Will the Watch fit me?

Yes, it is a one-size fits all. It’s possible to remove links (or add links). This will make sure that you all can enjoy our watches. You can also order a removal kit here.

What is the size of the watch?

All our products have different sizes. On the product pages you can find the different all dimensions of all the products. 

What if I’m allergic to metal?

Our watches are made of wood, but have metal objects to keep the clock ticking. We recommend you to look into it, because we can’t guarantee that you won’t get an allergic reaction. 

Is my watch waterproof?

You can’t swim with your watch, but it is splash proof! The Bow Ties are water resistant. Happy swimming! 

Can I return my watch and get a refund?

Sometimes you can. Please check our policy.

What is the weight of the watch?

Our watches are extremely light and we’re proud of this. You won’t even feel it on your wrist. On the product pages you can find the weight of the watch (mostly around 40/50 grams). 

Are the prices included TAX?

Our prices on the website are included with Tax.

How do I keep my watch vital and clean?

Mix some Olive Oil with Lemon Juice in a cup and grab a tissue stick to clean your watch. Repeat this every two months.